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Martin Rosales Bookkeeping & Tax Services

Our business began in 1994 in Dallas, Texas.We are lucky to have the most dedicated and experienced team working together to serve you.

Our Company was founded by Martin Rosales in 1994, due to a need that the Hispanic entrepreneur had in North American territory, since the trained personnel who understood him in his own language and culture were committed to providing a service to these people.

From the beginning the essential approach was to support their clients to achieve their maximum potential in the same language and with a more personalized service.

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From that moment, we have had a constant growth that has made us one of the most dynamic firms within our professional environment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Currently, we have more than 80 Companies in the Metroplex that are provided full service throughout the year and more than 2,500 families in the preparation of their Personal Taxes every year.

Bookkeeping & Tax Services

Martin Rosales Martin Rosales

Throughout our history, we have tried to stay close to our clients in order to help them succeed. For us, the spirit of service means a commitment to the objectives of our clients.

As professionals we seek that this commitment brings with it a way of providing our services with the highest quality standards. However, that quality is not complete without personal contact with human sense.

Translation Services:
Our staff is bilingual in English and Spanish here to help you write or translate professional documents

We are professionals with a comprehensive training as humans, our commitment to our customers, is also a commitment to objectivity and social sense of our work.

We are convinced that the success of our clients means the progress of our society and consequently the progress of all the individuals that compose it.

The satisfaction of seeing our clients succeed, brings us to witness the progress of society.

Thanks to our community, we have the opportunity to continue serving families throughout the Metroplex for more than 25 Years

Meet the Team

Martin Rosales                         Founder & CEO

Thelma Rosales                          Vice President

Marieva Riddle-Rosales          Account Manager

Gabriela Hicks-Rosales            Account Manager

Graciela Gonzalez                       Bookkeeper

Angelica Banda                          Bookkeeper

Norma Muñoz                            Bookkeeper